How we work

Our approach

We create and deliver a value to our clients through agile approach putting their overall strategy and needs in the first place

Value-based approach

One of the most important goals for Intellya is to create value for internal as well as external stakeholders. It starts with its employees and their happiness, and management.

NF group, and goes all way up to its clients and their customers as a center of attention. With the satisfied and motivated parties, it is created a compound effect, satisfaction creates more satisfaction and more value as time passes by.

All of that is tightly connected and it makes a growing impact on the business values that solutions continuously bring.

Customer centric approach

What is essential in our approach is putting customer needs and experience in the main focus. Looking from the user’s perspective and understanding their needs help us to create useful and purposeful products.

All features are carefully created, many of them directly with platforms’ users. In today’s world personalization is not nice to have anymore, it became necessary and expected from the customers regardless of the industry.

With our solutions, we thrive to empower our clients to deliver exquisite service to their customers.

Solution Delivery

One of the vital parts of our approach is the careful and thorough delivery we do. Besides detailed planning, efficient delivery is one of the most important drivers of a successful project. Having a team that has gone through numerous deliveries and who is familiar with possible challenges and issues on the road is of utmost importance to have by your side. We pay attention to the needs of our clients and approach delivery Iteratively, step-by-step with attention to detail.

Necessary steps of successful implementation

1. Business and technical assessment

The right business and technical assessments allow for setting priorities, business goals, and needs in the right order. In this way, fewer errors are made and more preparation is done upfront. Furthermore, if a client has proper assessments, not only can it have a more realistic view and expectations, but also it can progress faster because of addressing the right things.

2. Workshops

Workshops are a crucial part of software development. Through workshops, all stakeholders are included and software functionalities are defined. Through well-organized and effective workshops is achieved knowledge transfer to clients’ employees. They are essential for clarification and employee enablement to use the full potential of Intellya’s platforms.

3. Requirement analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis and overview of business processes before implementation. We closely analyze processes by observing, through interviews, analysis of current IT capabilities and applications in use, surveys, documentation, etc. A deep understanding of business processes, bottlenecks, optimization potentials enables us to address the clients’ needs

4. Preparation of the infrastructure and other prerequisites

This step is of paramount importance to start the implementation process well and ensure that the next steps have a stable base for development. If properly planned, it will guarantee a high degree of system reliability and overall satisfaction of both the tech team and users.

5. Integration and development

Agile development process based on iterations is already an empirically proven way of delivering the best possible solution quickly, but integration with systems already in use and different channels is necessary to provide additional value to both users and customers.

6. Testing and training

Testing is important for gathering valuable insights from a group of users. In this way, it creates an opportunity for progress and refinement of the software and approach. Furthermore, user training is equally significant for transparency, understanding the software functionalities and benefits.

7. Continual improvement

Continual improvement is a crucial part of project development for us. Listening to client’s day-to-day needs and monitoring market trends enables us to create a convenient and beneficial solution, which is side by side with global leading solutions and companies.

If you have any questions, need more information or want to schedule a meeting with us, we will be more than welcome to meet you.

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Let’s create value together! Get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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Send Us Your Request

Let’s create value together! Get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible